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Detailed Search Results On Google Assistant

Android update for Google Assistant has made the app better, and it is now giving more detailed information on a certain subject. This detail is accompanied by visual responses which was not the case before.

Digital Marketers Have Woken Up - The Web Is Faster Now

It took them only millions of articles, blogs, guides and e-books to realize the fact that speed matters. Yes! We are talking about digital marketers spread across the world. Since Google announced the inclusion of page speed in the list of ranking factors for mobile searched, the SEOs have finally worked on it.

March 2019 Core Update - What We Know

As it happens every two or three times, Google has introduced a core update to its algorithm. These updates are Google’s attempts to improve user experience by pushing up relevant pages with quality content. In-line with the tradition, this was time also it wasn’t unveiled who would get affected and what it is specifically that will be changed in the algorithm.

World Wide Web Turns 30 - An Astonishing Evolution

World Wide Web turned 30 yesterday. In human terms, an adult gets married or just becomes fed-up with the world and its ways at that age. However, in the world of Internet, we can equate these years to an era where a civilization can blossom and is ultimately demolished due to many factors. The immense growth and exponential evolution of World Wide Web have left many people with countless questions because of its complexities.

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