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Google Sitelinks - The New Format Will Show More Content

We know that Google keeps on making changes in their algorithms and user-experience of search results. The scale on which Google operates, the smallest change can lead to drastic changes in the digital industry. A new feature is being tested in the search results; the format lets you see more content from a website without even clicking on the click. It is similar to a search result snippet because the link looks different from other search results.

Sell Your Boring Products Easily With A Website

One of the myths related to web marketing is that a website is not useful for selling boring products. In reality, it is completely the opposite. In this blog, Web Click India - a prominent Web Development Company In India, will tell you how you can make yourself visible in the digital world. Follow the tips to promote your regular products in an effective way.

Google My Business Agency Dashboard Is All Set To Delight Local SEOs

Google has made changes accordingly to improve user experience and a month ago, it made the announcement regarding the Google My Agency Dashboard, which is finally live now. Basically, the feature is a boon for the SEOs, as it allows them to manage multiple listings in a more efficient and productive manner. Now your client listing is no longer limited to 100 only, you can expand or manage till thousands of it at a time. If you are unaware of its features or benefits, here we jotted down few points for you.

Google Expanded The Length Of Meta Description – Everything You Need To Know

Meta Description is a snippet or a tag in HTML, which summarize the page content for the search engines, so, they’ll index your page to boost its rank. Earlier, the length of Meta Description means the character used in that description is 155, but now Google has expanded it to 290-320. Yes, you heard that right, according to new Google update, now you can use up to 300-320 characters in your Meta Description. It’s a very good update that helps the marketers to increase their characters and better their performance than first.

Everything You Need To Know About Google Recent Update To Convert Email Addresses And Phone Numbers Into Hyperlinks

Google – world’s leading search engine never failed to surprise its users and this time, it comes again with a hot update to Gmail and Inbox that will convert Email Addresses and Phone Numbers into clickable hyperlinks. One can easily enjoy this feature in Google mobile apps for Android or IOS and on the web as well. It makes the task of its users easier than ever before as they don’t need to copy the whole content and paste into particular places to copy the particular email address or mobile number.

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