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Some people have claimed to be seeing a new search bar on Google where written categories have been enhanced by adding icons for everything whether maps, news, images or anything else. Currently, the search filter buttons are indicated only with text.

It is interesting to note that back in 2010-11, Google displayed icons next to these search vertical filters both in desktop and mobile. But it was dropped from the desktop version for some reason. Google is known for consistently making changes both to its interface as well as its algorithm to enhance the user experience. The top search bar is also not untouched from these changes. Multiple modifications have been made over the years to improve its functionality.

The one change that you can notice in this new way of displaying verticals is that shopping has replaced videos as one of the major verticals. To access videos, you need to click on that ‘more’ button.

The Implications:

We don’t know whether this new way of displaying search verticals will be rolled out anytime soon. But as Google is one of the most used websites in the world, even the tiniest change can have great implications. It is yet to be found out what these implications will be.

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