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There are so many website development languages in the market including Drupal, a free and open source language written in PHP. It was writen by Dries Buytaert and launched in January 2001 under the general public license. It works on almost all types of operating system like Ubuntu, windows, and Mac.

The Drupal web development mainly powers the content management system i.e. an easy way to publish and maintain blogs online. This language is primarily used by enterprises, institutions, governments, and NGOs. It allows you to share content in different languages depending on availability on several devices.

Drupal Web Development Service in Delhi

In order to run content management system: you can do account registration, menu management, page layout customization, system administration etc. You can choose limited theme, layout, and templates for free, but for effective customization you have to loosen up your pocket a little bit. In order to leverage the full advantage of the site, you should discuss it with website Development Company in Delhi which can add coding of different languages also to make it astonishingly easy to use and functional.

As far as its usage is concerned, more than 300 eminent artists are managed by Warner music group via this platform. The economist, one of the leading print media company published over 1.2 million articles, blogs, videos and more on these sites. Government of several countries also seems to be inclined towards this for maintaining their public database. Besides that, technology professionals also trust this language for their fully functional site.

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