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Android update for Google Assistant has made the app better, and it is now giving more detailed information on a certain subject. This detail is accompanied by visual responses which was not the case before.

The new way of displaying results is much like what you see on the search engine and compared to the previous half-empty screen results, it is a considerable improvement.

Google Assistant


  • The main improvement can be considered the accompanying visuals of the results. It doesn’t only add more detail to the searches but also makes it more appealing visually, that leads to better user experience.
  • The empty screen space or the white space, as it is known in the designing community, has reduced for the better. This has been because of the change in the layout. The previous carousel-style has been replaced with the horizontal style of displaying results.
  • This new vertical view makes it more functional and also improve it’s aesthetically. This move is being seen as another attempt from Google to get ahead in the audio-searching race. Although it is a minor improvement, it will certainly encourage the users to use the app more and more. Giving them a better experience and improving the interface will attract more users.
  • This update is only for Android users, and as it has been the case before, the iOS version will be rolled out in the coming days or it can even take months.

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