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Google – world’s leading search engine never failed to surprise its users and this time, it comes again with a hot update to Gmail and Inbox that will convert Email Addresses and Phone Numbers into clickable hyperlinks. One can easily enjoy this feature in Google mobile apps for Android or IOS and on the web as well. It makes the task of its users easier than ever before as they don’t need to copy the whole content and paste into particular places to copy the particular email address or mobile number.

To cut the overall time this process takes and to save the time Google make this update and it surely ensures the user satisfaction, which is the sole motive of Google. As per Google report, it takes a few days to broadcast this update across its servers to roll out all the users. Though, we cannot deny the fact that this recent update will save your time and efforts as well. Not only the email address, now you are able to click on the phone number as well and it will turn into a hyperlink and take you to your mobile's default phone app.

This is the best update from Google to its users that saves your lot of time. For more Google updates, stay tuned with us.

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