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Google has made changes accordingly to improve user experience and a month ago, it made the announcement regarding the Google My Agency Dashboard, which is finally live now. Basically, the feature is a boon for the SEOs, as it allows them to manage multiple listings in a more efficient and productive manner. Now your client listing is no longer limited to 100 only, you can expand or manage till thousands of it at a time. If you are unaware of its features or benefits, here we jotted down few points for you. You can also consult with your Digital Marketing Agency as well.

Google Business Listing

  • With this feature, Google will allow you to manage unlimited or you can say thousands of locations with one single account.
  • Also, it makes sending or receiving the invitation to manage Google listing easier than before and, you can see the status of these requests straight from the agency dashboard.
  • It has user groups, which allow agencies to effectively manage teams and control access to their location groups.
  • Google My Business Agency Dashboard lets you search for the locations within your particular account or group.
  • This feature also simplifies the location management, by keeping everything along with the customer’s location access within a location group and you can even invite an agency’s location group to co-manage their listings.

With the above-defined feature, Google has finally taken the local search seriously and this new dashboard is proof of the same. If you want more Google updates, stay tuned with  Webclick Digital Pvt. Ltd. – best SEO Company In India. Call @ +91-8750587506 to talk with an expert.

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