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We know that Google keeps on making changes in their algorithms and user-experience of search results. The scale on which Google operates, the smallest change can lead to drastic changes in the digital industry. A new feature is being tested in the search results; the format lets you see more content from a website without even clicking on the click. It is similar to a search result snippet because the link looks different from other search results.

We know how normal sitelinks work. You see the results and if you are convinced with the information provided in the link, you click it to know more. This new feature displays more info about the website by providing different links from it.

New Sitelinks

When these new sitelinks appear, they are shown below the main search result snippet. You can click on the arrows to expand the results and option of “show more” is also given. If you click on it, more such results will be displayed from the same website.

What Does This Mean?

Whenever the format of search results is changed, people start to calculate and imagine the effects it might have on click-through-rates. The impact it can have is still not clear but it will certainly affect the click-through-rates to your website.

There is a reason that we are comparing this with featured snippets. The same argument was initiated when featured snippets appeared. Some claimed that it resulted in gains, while other people said that it led to losses. There is no doubt that if your website’s link is displayed in this format, it will attract more attention but whether it will be in your favour or not, only time can tell. For more such updates, stay tuned with  Webclick Digital Pvt. Ltd. – a leading SEO Company In India. You can also call : +91-8750587506 to talk with an expert.

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