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Google has become the largest market place for the ecommerce companies, manufacturers, suppliers, exporters and service providers. This is basically the most used search engine and holds round about 70 percent share in the overall searches.

With the evolution in the field of internet technology, people are using Google in order to search the related product, service or any other thing. The evolution in the Internet Marketing has also given rise to various web promotion techniques. Among all, Adwords are considered as the most powerful tool for website and business promotion.

Without digging any other thing I just want to discuss what exactly they are. These are basically the online ads that are used to attract the attention of the targeted audience. There are various search engines that are offering these ads.

Google Adwords Keyword Tools

Out of all, Google Adwords are considered as the best tool. The reason for this is that Google is the most searchable directory. These online ads help in generating the leads. Now the question arises, how adwords are different from the SEO. In the search, the Ads are displayed above the search results. Thus, the probability of clicking on the Ad is more than the SEO result. Another advantage associated with this is that SEO provides result in certain time duration while this is not the case with the Ads.

Once you fix the bid, pay the amount and your ad is approved, it will start showing on the top of the searches. All you have to do is to bid in the clever manner with thorough analysis so that you can easily get ROI.

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