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Joomla Web Development is behind millions of websites present on different search engines. Online presence is almost useless when your site is insecure and anyone can easily compromise with its security. This guide is more about strengthening the layers of security on Joomla site so that it creates obstacles for bad guys who try to steal your data and utilize for wrong purposes. However, the steps defined here doesn’t guarantee the safety of your site from all types of prying eyes out there, but being vigilant is primary step to prevent yourself from brutal attacks. Consult your website designing company now.

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Refrain Yourself From Rogue Extensions

There are many rogue extensions distributed on Internet for free with the intentions of making your website a victim of virus. A good way to use them is to scan the zip file before installing on your computer. If you understand PHP code, then open the file identified by your antivirus in Notepad, or some other ASCII editor and read its content carefully, if you suspect a false positive identification. If you found any suspicion of Trojan, then prohibit its use.

Uninstall Unused Extensions

Another step is to uninstall all the obsolete Joomla extensions by visiting extensions section in Joomla Admin. The process doesn’t ensure complete removal of each entity, therefore be on look out if you find anything suspicious in any corner of your system.

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Keep Joomla up to date so as to encounter all the earlier bugs what might have been assisting bad guys.

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