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A new update from LinkedIn has been released featuring a brand new logo with a new colour palette and a custom font. The main reason behind this update is to express humanity in a more intensified way with a warm touch.

How Can You See It?

  • To see this new branding, you have to visit the “subdomain” of LinkedIn.
  • Signed out users can see this new branding on the welcome page.

The question arises that what exactly are the changes in the new branding. Given below, we have covered all the new elements and changes that are in the new branding update of LinkedIn:

  • Logo: The new logo is just made of one colour instead of three different colours.
  • Colours: The colours in the new branding are much warmer than before and more approachable.
  • Illustrations: The illustration in the new branding shows people connecting with each other in the workplace.
  • Shapes: Rectangle and circles are present in the new branding throughout.
  • Font: The new font consists of rounded, more organic letterforms and various elements of handwriting. The new font is a custom typeface called community.

Besides all this, a report says that the new brand update of LinkedIn was almost 2 whole years in making.

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