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As it happens every two or three times, Google has introduced a core update to its algorithm. These updates are Google’s attempts to improve user experience by pushing up relevant pages with quality content. In-line with the tradition, this was time also it wasn’t unveiled who would get affected and what it is specifically that will be changed in the algorithm. If you are a digital marketing veteran or working in a company that provides SEO Services In Delhi, you would be familiar with the theories that pop-up after every update.

March 2019 Core Update

Many theories have come-up again guessing the things that have changed after the update or what it was all about. Let’s take a look at these theories:

  • Trust Bias - Many people have suggested that this update is all about the trust bias, which means that Google will rank a website on the top if they’re more trustworthy than others. Representatives from Google have denied trust being a factor in rankings. So, this theory is out of the way.
  • Link Bias - This theory is also doing rounds on the internet suggesting websites with better and more authoritative links are going to rank higher. But it doesn’t work this way and links are about relevance rather than being a ranking factor. They are used to measure the relevance of your website.
  • Brand Bias - This discussion is going on for quite some time now. People are doubtful that Google is going to favour brands over others while ranking websites and this update is being dubbed as the arrival of the same era. However, there are no pieces of evidence for it.

Contrary to previous “Medic Update”, there is no clear impact of this update. All you can do is track your website and see if there are any major changes.

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