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Why SEO Is A Must For Your Online Business

The Search Engine Optimization or SEO is basically the term used for the optimization of the website. In order to generate revenue from the website, it is important that it has improved visibility & ranking. This is only possible when it is fully optimized.

In the process of SEO, we optimize website in accordance to the algorithm of the search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. The optimization is performed to attract the bots or the spiders so that the website gets fetched when the search term is used.

The optimization involves two processes one is the One Page Optimization & the other is Off Page Optimization. The On Page is basically used to optimize website so that it can be designed as per the guidelines of the search engines. While in the off page, link building and various activities are used in order to improve the visibility of the website.

The On page activity basically starts from the initiation of the website development process. The first step onto this is the searching of the relevant keywords. The keywords are searched related to the business or services provided by the company in this process. After this, the page titles, meta description and meta tags are prepared. These are mandatory attributes in order to attract the spiders of the search engine.  Content optimization is performed.

In the Off Page Optimization, the main focus is link building. In this, the content is spread on different platforms in order to attract the targeted audience. Using this, the traffic is fetched on the main website.

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